This Ridiculous Email Marketing Myth Costs Businesses in a Big Way

If I had to choose just one marketing tactic to use for the rest of my days, it would be email marketing.

Hands down (and I say this as someone who’s specialized in PPC for most of my online marketing career).

Email marketing – to a quality list – is the best way I know of to make money through the Internet… provided you have the right strategy behind it.

The Ridiculous Email Marketing Myth

Many businesses struggle with email marketing though. A big reason why they do comes down to a myth that’s unfortunately believed by many marketing peeps and biz owners.

The myth has to do with the frequency you send out emails to your list.

Most people will tell you not to mail your list too often. Most people will tell you doing so will tick off those on your email list and cause a lot of unsubscribes. Most people will tell you it’s better to just stick to a monthly email newsletter kind of approach.

Most people would be wrong.

Email Marketing Is About Quality, Not Frequency

Here’s the thing… the issue here has little to do with the frequency you email your list. The issue has to do with the quality of the content you’re emailing them.

Email marketing for most businesses involved sending out a monthly (maybe weekly) boring newsletter email. Or they email their list even more infrequently than that and when they do send an email, it’s just aggressively pitching some product or service they’re offering.

And when you take that approach to email marketing, you’re gonna get lousy results. You’re probably better off not sending out any emails at all.

Quality Content For Email Marketing

But there’s a better, easier and more profitable way to go about email marketing. One in which you can email your list daily (and, sometimes multiple times a day) and your emails will be eagerly anticipated by your subscribers.

In this strategy, you’re not hard pitching. And you’re not sending out boring stuff about your products/services that people get bored of quickly.

Instead, you’re sending entertaining stories. You’re bringing excitement, laughter and other emotional responses into your reader’s lives. And, you’re pitching (though not aggressively) in every single email.

My Personal Experience With Email Marketing

I used to send out a monthly email newsletter. It was mostly about PPC related stuff, but covered other marketing topics as well.

It was good quality content. Those that read it could learn a lot about Google AdWords. But it was really plain vanilla, boring content. Content that I got bored writing about. Content that never generated much business for me.

So I stopped writing it. Took a break from email marketing for a couple of years.

Then I got back in the game. But with a different strategy.

I started emailing my list every week day. The emails I send to them are short (under 500 words or so). And, most importantly, the content is extremely entertaining (yes, I know, I’m a bit biased).

The emails share funny, heartwarming, engaging, weird, etc. stories I find online, from conversation with friends, colleagues, clients, etc. or from movies, books, the news, etc.

I relate the story back to some marketing principle and then end with a call to action for some offer I’ve got.

Been doing this for over a year now and still going strong. Haven’t got bored or run out of ideas yet.

And, yes, when I first started doing it, I did get a number of unsubscribes. (Keep in mind many of those folks hadn’t heard from me for about 2 years.)

But a bunch of people stuck with me and I now get email all the time from people telling me how much they enjoy getting my emails each day.

Oh, and I’ve generated more business emailing daily entertaining emails than I ever did with my monthly newsletter.

I know (or know of) other people who use the same kind of strategy and it’s working like gangbusters for them too.

So if you’ve been afraid of emailing your list too often, don’t be!

Just change your strategy and watch your email marketing results skyrocket!

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Adam K
Adam K

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