ppc management cost

What Should PPC Management Cost?

With PPC management agencies, as with many other service businesses, you typically get what you pay for. But if you’re looking to hire a company to manage your Google AdWords and/or other pay per click advertising campaigns, what should you…

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99% of Revenue Gone in Just 4 Days

Cautionary tale for y’all today. And if you think it ain’t relevant to your biz cuz it’s about an ecommerce site – think again Chuckles. Here’s the scoop… … a friend of mine is a beast at running ecommerce sites/Google…

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A Tale of 2 Google AdWords Accounts

Have a unique perspective in this article about the inner workings of Google AdWords. It came out of an unusual opportunity to compare two very similar Google AdWords accounts. Here’s the story… There’s a company (we’ll call them “Original Co”)…

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