Get Off Our (Digital) Lawn!!

We’re 4 middle-aged schmucks with a buttload of wisdom and experience in the digital marketing world.

On this site we provide tips, tools and strategies we know can help our fellow middle-aged business owners. Particularly those of you who’ve already tasted some business success… and are now ready to better leverage digital marketing to take things to the next level.

If you’re looking for the latest TikTok, BeReal or whatever so-shill media craze all the young whipper snappers are hyped up about, you’re in the wrong place. (We’re not afraid to use them, we’re just not gonna chase the shiny new object cuz it’s what all the “cool kids” are doing.)


…  if you’re looking for time-tested, proven, effective strategies to grow your business online, you’ve found your tribe.

At The Marketing Advocate we only share information about the tactics and strategies we use ourselves.

Whether we use them to grow our own websites (we currently have a stable of about 2 dozen sites we monetize through affiliate income, ad revenue and e-commerce)…

… or use them to help grow the businesses of the select clients we work with (from local businesses to large e-commerce sites to Fortune 100 companies).

Through our website and email newsletter, The Daily(ish) Advocate (sign up below – it’s really good and uses an easily readable font size), we serve up healthy, sensibly-sized portions of wisdom on topics including:

SEO… e-commerce… website development and security… paid ads… email marketing… AI and machine learning tools… Analytics… and more.

We also share ways to cover your digital assets so the Big Tech Bullies, Agency Snake Oil Salesman (we call them ASOS), Fake Gurus, Big Bad Bots and other ne’er-do-wells don’t swoop in and put that money you’ve earmarked for your kids’ college tuition, your dream house, retirement, and/or building your business, at risk.

So adjust those readers, pop that multi-vitamin, check Life360 to make sure your kids are where they’re supposed to be…

… and join us to show those young ‘uns we middle-aged folks can profitably Internet just as well as they can!

Meet The Marketing Advocates

Chris Clark

“Clark” has developed and executed leading-edge digital marketing and communications strategies for Fortune 500 companies, major trade organizations, the Matrix and a variety of businesses and individuals since 2001. He’s the owner of Clark Digital Strategies and has founded several digital agencies and businesses. His experience pre-dates Google and started with client requests to rank higher in the Netscape web browser, which once held over 90 percent of market usage share before Yahoo and eventually Google won the search war.  
He is a graduate of Southeast Missouri State University with a B.A. in Mass Communications/Public Relations and a minor in Marketing.  His Specialties Include: Internet public affairs & issues management, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, search engine advertising, social media advertising, social media marketing, online environment optimization, online advertising, PR SEO and public affairs SEO.
Some of his past and present clients include: National Geographic, Astra Zeneca, Segway, NCBA, Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, EXOS, EPIC Systems Inc., Clayco, Bonfyre App, St. Jude’s, Johnsonville Sausage and Richard Rawlings.

Adam Kreitman

Adam is a recovering PPC Nerd and the Chief (Copy)Writer for The Marketing Advocate. He is also the owner of Words That Click.
He’s been writing about digital marketing for 10+ years and has written articles and created courses for Perry Marshall, Ryan Deiss and Neil Patel.
But, of all his online accomplishments, he’s most proud of being named to the list of “20 Smokin’ Hot Pieces of Brain Candy” that included Seth Godin and other business brainiacs.

Simon Orth

Simon specializes in Google Shopping and in User Behavior Tracking. He has been an entrepreneur at heart, starting and registering his first business in New York at the age of 15. In 1997 he fell in love with the internet as a business opportunity and immersed himself in ecommerce with Geocities being his first platform to get involved in selling used band collectibles online. In 1998 he moved to Texas, selling used merchandise on eBay, Amazon and various other channels In 2000 he built his e-commerce business in the highly competitive band merchandise niche before selling it in 2013.

Discovering that the talents he acquired along the way were rather uncommon, he has gone on to work on both ads and content for Perry Marshall & Associates as well as creating relationships with a number of other larger players in the digital marketing world to help manage ecommerce initiatives. Constantly learning new tricks to stay on top of his game (and because it’s fun and super cool) Simon looks for ways to make what he does even better. He prefers to stay out of the limelight and to create big results!

Adam Roach

Simply put, Adam is a lover of all things tech. Curious about how things work, he’s been taking things apart and putting them back together since he was a child. That curiosity led him to uncountable late nights learning how things work.

Since he got his hands on his very first modem, he has been learning and evolving with the ever-changing tech world. Starting from the DOS days on his 286, he’s certainly had a front-row seat throughout the growth of the web. These days you can find him working with open source projects, providing solutions for his clients, and building interesting concepts with his partners. He’s a big fan of his Apple products and loves working with Linux as well.

As a full-stack developer, he has worked with clients all over the world on projects large and small, providing solutions from top-down website builds and app development to security and accessibility.

A low-key person, when he’s not working on the next idea, you can find him tinkering around in his woodworking shop, cooking, watching movies, camping, fishing, or simply spending time with his family.