This Email Marketing Strategy Won’t Work If You’re Ugly

I came across an article on email marketing strategy the other day that immediately grabbed my attention.

It was from a saleswoman who shared how she 5x’d the number of quality online marketing leads she was getting and is now smashing her quota each month.

How’d she do it?

By emailing personalized video messages to prospects.

She claimed this email marketing strategy is getting her super high conversion rates of 37.5%. And 12.76% of people she reaches out to end up booking an appointment with her. This crushed the results she’d been getting through “traditional” cold calling and email marketing.

Now before you run out and start emailing personalized video messages to everyone, there’s something else you need to understand here. And it’s related to why her article caught my attention in the first place.

The saleswoman who wrote (and whose picture was prominently displayed next to) the article was smoking hot.

Now before you get bent outta shape over that comment and think I’m some chauvinistic pig, I’d say…

#1 – If you were to ever meet my incredibly strong and intelligent wife and daughters, you’d see there’s no way I could get away with being a chauvinistic pig.

#2 – If my wife saw a picture of this saleswoman, she’d agree with my assessment of her looks.

#3 – If you don’t think people respond differently to women or men who are attractive vs. the rest of us… then you ain’t living in the real world.

I was curious if anyone pointed out the obvious in the comment section for the article and, sure enough, I didn’t have to scroll far. One bloke put things in as professional and gentlemanly a way as possible by saying simply…

“I don’t think this will work for ugly people like me”

However, unsurprisingly, most of the other comments were from people falling all over themselves at what an amazing idea using video sales messages in your email marketing is and how they’re gonna rush out and try it for themselves.

Listen up…

Personalized video messaging prospects works. As does Facebook ads, Google AdWords, text messaging, The Yellow Pages, print ads, direct mail, cold calling, etc.

All these tactics can and do work IF you have the right marketing strategy behind them. The better your strategy… the better a tactic will work for you.

Now part of that strategy is to consider your natural talents and assets.

If you’re easy on the eyes and/or have a great personality then using a tactic like video messaging through email will work much better than it will for someone who looks like the love child of John Madden and the guy from the movie Mask who and has the personality of a rabid raccoon.

If you’re a talented writer, then using email, sales letters, etc. is going to work better for you than someone who finds writing about as appealing as getting a root canal.

Bottom line…

… focus on your marketing strategy and then find the tactics that fit that strategy. Not the other way around.

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Adam K
Adam K

Adam has been fascinated with online marketing, particularly PPC, since 2004 and opened his own PPC management company in 2006. Over the years he's written extensively about Google AdWords and online marketing on his own sites as well as partnered with/written for Perry Marshall, Ryan Deiss of and Neil Patel.