Web Hosting Made Easy – Pick One of These 3 Options in 2022

Between the four of us who run this site, we’ve pretty much seen it all when it comes to web hosting.

From hosting our own sites to the sites we’ve managed for our clients, there are very few web hosting companies we don’t have experience with.

We also know looking for a web host, especially for those who aren’t techies can be a time-consuming, overwhelming process. So we’ve decided to simplify it for you here.

Below we cover our current 3 favorite web hosting options. These are companies that we and/or our clients are using right now, are happy with and we can recommend without any hesitation.

We have (or will) cover them each in greater detail in other articles. Here, the point is to give you the 3 options and decide which one is the best web host for your situation.


A great option for businesses/bloggers who:

  • Are looking to spend as little as possible on web hosting
  • Have a site (or sites) that don’t drive a ton of traffic
  • Are not very technical and want an easy-to-use web hosting solution

This is the cheapest option of the bunch. Plans start at around $4.00 per month.

But even though they’re cheap we’ve found their tech support to be heads and tails above most of the other cheap hosting options out there. Plus they do a better job managing their servers and provide a similar feature set to what you’ll get from our favorite web host, WP Engine.

If you want to host multiple sites, especially ones that don’t get a lot of traffic, you can save a ton of money hosting with SiteGround as opposed to the other two options on this list.

Check out their plans here.

WP Engine

A great option for businesses/bloggers who:

  • Use WordPress
  • Want top-notch technical support who will help with pretty much any issue you can have with your WordPress site
  • Are concerned about getting hacked and want a strong defense to keep their site(s) safe
  • Are not very technical and want a super easy-to-use web hosting solution

WP Engine is, by far, our favorite web hosting solution. We cover why in depth here if you want a deeper dive.

But, basically, it’s the best value in web hosting. When you look at what they offer in terms of features, security and tech support, they are totally worth it.

If you have a WordPress site, just sign up with WP Engine and be done with it. You’ll have no regrets.

DigitalOcean + SpinupWP

Great options for businesses who:

  • Have multiple websites that get a lot of traffic
  • Have a techie on staff who can manage their web server(s)
  • Need a lot of web hosting horsepower at a great price

As you can probably tell, we love WP Engine. And had used them for our own websites when we first started out. But as we added more sites and the traffic volume to those sites climbed, WP Engine hosting started to get quite pricey.

They could certainly handle what we needed, but it was going to cost us about $10K a year to use them.

That’s why we looked around and decided to switch to Digital Ocean and SpinupWP. With them, we’ve got multiple servers with a beefy amount of RAM, disk space and more for around $300 a month.

The key here is that we’ve got our resident techie who knows how to manage these servers for us. If you don’t have someone like that, then you’re better off paying WP Engine because it will still be cheaper than hiring a techie to manage things for you.

But, if you have the technical expertise, it’s hard to beat the combination of costs, versatility, and horsepower you can get with this combo.

Bottom Line

Are there other decent options out there for web hosting? Of course. But, if you’re looking to simplify your decision-making on this, just pick one of the three options above and know that you’ll be in very good hands.

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