Online Marketing

$10,000 Per Hour Work

If you blinked, you might’ve missed it. But glossing over it would be a mistake. We’re talking about a sentence in yesterday’s edition of The Daily(ish) Advocate. (The short version of that email:  we screwed up when relaunching this newsletter…

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Smells Like Middle-Aged Spirit

We screwed up when we relaunched The Daily(ish) Advocate last month. In the rush to relaunch, we skipped a vital piece of the puzzle. One a lot of businesses either ignore or struggle with. Here’s the story of what our…

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Why Google’s in a League of It’s Own

For me, my introduction into the world of Google AdWords and online marketing all started with drug testing. That is, I helped launch a business selling an innovative new drug testing product by using AdWords and other internet marketing tactics.…

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